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ChrisCross (born Christopher Williams) is a comic book illustrator, known mostly for his stints pencilling Milestone Comics’ Blood Syndicate and Heroes, Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel and Slingers, and DC Comics’ Firestorm.

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Williams attended New York City’s School of Visual Arts in the early 1990s. While doing so, he caught his big break doing work for the DC Comics imprint, and Milestone Comics. He was hired by Milestone Media in 1993 and worked on the title Blood Syndicate and later on the titles Icon, Worlds Collide and Hardware. In 1994 he worked for Image Comics on the title Violator. His first published work for DC Comics was in 1996 on the title Showcase ’96 and later he worked on other titles including Xero, JLA Secret Files and Gotham Gazette among others. He was eventually hired by Marvel Comics and worked on some of their most iconic titles. He is probably best known for his work on Firestorm.

He has also worked on other series such as The Outsiders and Convergence: Justice League of America for DC comics. At the time of this writing he is working on a series of hardcover graphic novels for international publishing house, Humanoids, Inc., and has returned to the States to continue American comics, starting on Midnighter #11. He has also worked for Valiant Entertainment.


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