superhero-296963_1280The purpose of this site is to provide a resource dedicated to the recognition and celebration of Creators of Color for their work in Comics, Animation, and Video Games.

Please note this website is not intended to be a slight to creators not mentioned here. Regardless of race, we have all been inspired by the likes of the giants who have both created and perfected the industries we have come to love. Great creators such as STAN LEE, JACK KIRBY, JOE SHUSTER, JERRY SIEGEL, BILL EVERETT, JOHN BUSCEMA, NEAL ADAMS, ALEX TOTH, GIL KANE, FRANK FRAZETTA, DENNY O’NEIL, STEVE DITKO, CARMINE INFANTINO, ROY THOMAS, GARDNER FOX, C.C. BECK, BOB KANE, CURT SWAN, BILL FINGER, and many others, will forever occupy a special place in our hearts. However, until relatively recently, many people behind the scenes, those without big names, have been largely ignored. This site has been created to recognize those people of color who have been able to make their mark in comics, animation and video games and who can also be an inspiration to others who may not even know they exist.