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Grey Williamson

Grey Williamson

Born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, Grey has first and foremost been a storyteller in search of the Truth of his vision. His works have included contributions as a writer, artist, storyboard breakdowns, sculptor and costume and set designer for almost every major comic publisher in the North American comics industry.

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Noted as a storyteller with extreme action sequences, he was drawing upon his background as an international kick-boxer. These skills came into play illustrating Magnus, Robot Fighter for Valiant, and later on for some Batman sequences for DC Entertainment. Grey is also the designer of Michael Holt’s Mr. Terrific costume. Grey re-imagined the character with his own personal touch of invention of the T-spheres. This addition was a tribute to the inventor the world’s third smartest man must actually be. The design and conceptual retool has made Mr. Terrific one of the most redemptive role models for African-American men from either of the two largest North American comics publishers. Mr. Terrific just recently received his own monthly book as part of the new 52 relaunch of the DC Universe.

The president of Carbon-Fibre Media, Grey formed the company as a home for his trans-media entertainment properties and productions. Not content to work on others’ characters which never reflected his world view, Grey set to creating characters which reflected the world he’d seen around him, namely a multi-cultural mega-metropolis and all that entailed. His concepts through Carbon-Fibre Media include:
The Legend of Apollo; Val-Mar, Prince of the Damned; and Song of Brooklyn.

Additionally, Grey has set about creating several sculptures of his characters including an Apollo bust, a Val-Mar bust, and a enormously well-received bust of President Barack Obama!

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